The Future of the Web – 7 Reasons to Become Web 2.0 Compatible

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the economic system and impacted most of the people of the world’s populace within the ultimate ten to 15 years. Today the Web isn’t always handiest a useful resource, for a developing percent of the population, it’s far the manner we do enterprise. The gear and makes use off of the Internet are evolving from static, HTML Web pages to interactive, person-pushed Web stories.

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Since the Web became created in 1989 and on into the past due to the nineties, companies most effective had simple HTML Web sites to relay data to consumers, with little possibility for wealthy or user-generated content material that marks trendy most popular and beneficial sites. Web websites have been nothing extra than online brochures and business playing cards. Through the evolution of Web development and spread of Internet reputation, Web sites have grown into interactive, social stores that provide no longer handiest rich content material (consisting of video or interactive interfaces), but person-generated content material, wherein Web site customers truly create groups and provide content material that might never be built with the aid of a single business enterprise. Today, interactivity is using the marketplace and helping to form the next technology of the Web.

A term heard an increasing number of, Web 2.0 is getting used to describe the next technology. In 2004, Tim O’Reilly coined the term Web 2.0 as the commercial enterprise revolution of the computer industry, and it has come to be a fashionable time period used to embody interactive person interfaces, wealthy content material, online social networking, and person-generated content material. Although it appears like a massive overhaul is in shop for the Web, there isn’t a specific process in region to convert it. In truth, Web 2.Zero isn’t always an item that can be created. It is virtually a perception of the course the Web is heading. Web 2.0 is a brand new outlook wherein interaction is fundamental, collaboration is obligatory, and developers are busily running to show lackluster Web websites into social arenas. The Web is being transformed right into a resource where Web surfers and specialists can combine expertise and stories to deliver value to businesses and each different Internet user.

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1. Seventy-seven % of America population is online (Harris Interactive) This basic statistic is wherein all of it starts – nearly everyone that an employer might be inquisitive about reaching is using the Web… And typically appreciably. The excuse of “my customers do no longer use the Web” now not exists for now not having a great Web website.

2. 30% of the web populace examine blogs, approximately 50 million (ClickZ.Com) This new fashion includes of the phrases we used above when describing Web 2.Zero – social networking and user-generated content material. Imagine a newspaper in which you could interact in a dialogue with fellow readers approximately any exciting articles — this is running a blog, and it will keep growing rapidly. As with most of the technology which can be discussed right here, the coolest information is that the generation of creating a blog is straightforward, even though it nonetheless calls for clever, devoted humans to generate the preliminary content.

3. Forty five% of lively Web users are individuals of a social networking web site (Nielsen-NetRatings) Social networking Web sites awareness on constructing communities of folks that proportion pastimes using the Web web page itself as the vehicle for communications. A lengthy list of such websites has popped up currently, a lot of which have a huge wide variety of participants. People love to have interaction with others, and the Web’s recognition has a lot to do with this. Business proprietors can use this trend in some of creative and less expensive methods to market their personal merchandise.

Four. 38. Four million human beings visited MySpace.Com in 2006, a 367% boom from the preceding 12 months (Nielsen-NetRatings) This site has had the most outstanding boom in specific users from 2006 to 2007. MySpace.Com, which at the beginning centered on young adults, has rapidly become an enterprise networking gateway. Ideas streaming from standard social networking websites have helped sprout a string of latest sites targeted completely on commercial enterprise networking like LinkedIn, Ryze, and Tribe.Net.

5. 54% of US Internet customers watched online motion pictures in 2006 (AP-AOL Video) Fifty percent of America population is predicted to look at online video marketing by next yr, that means that one hundred fifty-five .2 million people might be uncovered to online advertising by using 2008. Businesses are projecting boom to $775 million in online marketing spending. The fashion is predicted to constantly skyrocket to a surprising $four.Three billion by means of 2011(B2B Marketing). Once again, the technology in the back of this is simple and cheaper to deploy, so there is no reason for a Web marketer with exact, applicable video content material no longer to the percentage it with the sector.

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6. 17 million US Internet customers downloaded Podcasts in 2006(Pew Internet) Although this era initially derived from the Apple’s iPod MP3 player, it is not essential to have one to pay attention to a Podcast or create one. In reality, generating podcasts incorporated with RSS continues listeners up to date with the today’s audio releases from radio spots to online lectures. For marketers, the technology is inexpensive and smooth to control making it simple to turn ideas into podcasts.

7. 63% of patron product entrepreneurs, 65% of media and communications marketers, 37% of retail entrepreneurs, 37% of economic offerings marketers and 38% of gadget and tech marketers currently use or are planning to apply RSS inside the subsequent 12 months (Rok Hrastnik) RSS has the highest value amongst Web 2.Zero technology, broadly speaking because it integrates with a majority of other interactive tools and because it requires definitely no renovation. Not most effective is it a notable manner to advantage publicity for informative articles, press releases, events, however, it also keeps Internet users up to speed with podcasts, blogs, and online films. Making a listing of articles or occasions RSS-compatible is short and calls for hardly any ongoing maintenance, therefore making it a system that one hundred% of entrepreneurs should be exploring.

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