The New Dimensions of 3-D Technology

The 3 measurement imaging is able to record three-dimensional visual records or creating an illusion of intensity in an image. Most of the 3-D imaging strategies the use of the stereoscopy technique ie offering a slightly exceptional view of an identical image to 2 eyes. There are two techniques to generate 3-d pix.

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1. Using coloration clear out glasses: In this approach, photos are being superimposed one over other the use of filters (One red and different blue). When the viewer positioned the glasses with a pink and inexperienced colored lens, the pix are separated to give a 3D phantasm.

2. Eclipse method: In this technique a mechanical shutter blocks light from every appropriate eye whilst the converse eye’s photograph is projected on the display screen. The projector alternates among left and right photos and opens and closes the shutters in the glasses or viewer in synchronization with the photos on the display screen.

Three. Lenticular or barrier screen: This technique (New technology) does not require glasses. Both pictures are projected onto a high-gain, corrugated display screen which reflects light at acute angles. In order to see the stereoscopic image, the viewer needs to sit down within a totally immediately attitude that is nearly perpendicular to the screen, prescribing the scale of the target market. Since this technique isn’t the use of any additional strategies or equipment for viewing 3D, that is the most not unusual approach utilized in 3-D imaging gadgets.

The latest improvement inside the 3D gadgets

3D Televisions

the three-D era is predicated at the idea that if separate images are provided to the left and right eyes, the human brain will integrate them and create the phantasm of a 3rd dimension. TV makers cross approximately this in exclusive approaches, although. Panasonic and Sony, which tested their products for CNN at the latest tech expo in Atlanta, Georgia, use “lively glasses” and TVs with high refresh fees to attain the impact.

Two pictures, one for the right eye and one for the left eye, alternate fast at the TV. Shutters on the 3-D glasses switch the viewer’s vision from proper eye to left eye at the identical rate: a hundred and twenty hertz, or 240 hertz for the photos together. The TV connects with the glasses via a sensor that is positioned between the lenses on the glasses.

Sony and Panasonic say they’ll launch domestic three-D television structures in 2010; Mitsubishi and JVC are said to be working on similar merchandise. These subsequent-generation televisions might be able to play shows in 2-D or three-D. They also would be able to show video games in 3-D, which Sony confirmed at the expo in Atlanta.

This connects without problems to PC’s USB port much like every other webcam however this is wherein the similarities quit. The Minoru software program has stereoscopic anaglyphic processing that lets you be visible in 3 dimensions. The pink and cyan anaglyph photograph produced by means of Minoru may be viewed by way of all people who are wearing generally to be had crimson and cyan three-D glasses (five pairs blanketed unfastened with Minoru). Minoru also can be used as a general 2D webcam for every person who would not have the 3-D glasses to hand.

Demo video of Minoru three-D webcam


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Fuji Films has these days announce the release of a new 3D digital camera using a photograph seize device comprising Fujinon lenses and two CCDs. The technology within the 3-d digital viewer helps you to view 3-D images without the aid of unique glasses – just your eyes! Not only 3-D images however also 2D pics may be proven in vibrant detail on the big LCD.


Several companies are already selling 3D video display units within the marketplace the usage of distinct technology. Many of these new merchandises do not require glasses. Sanyo has given you a prototype glasses-less 3-d monitor that may simultaneously offer two distinct TV applications–one for someone at the left and one on the proper–in step with Goro Hamagishi, a researcher on the organization. With this technology, a person within the passenger seat of a car could watch a movie at the same time as the driving force could examine a 3-d map, complete with skyscrapers, churned up by means of a GPS service and thereby navigate through sight rather than address. IZ3D is presenting the3D monitors centered to game enthusiasts.

3D movies

The first-rate hit 3-D movie Avatar by way of James Cameron has given the new size to 3-D and animation generation. In this movie rather than traditional 3-D spectacles with crimson and inexperienced glasses, audiences to wear polarized glasses – in which every lens we could thru a slightly special type of mild. This manner that your left eye and right eye can see distinctive pix proven concurrently on the display – and no longer only are they much less headache inducing than in the past, they look much extra like everyday specifications too.

3-d Laptop

A few months back the main pc manufacture Acer has released a three-D computer Aspire 5738G. A unique three-D layer on the top of the screen facilitates the 3-D viewing which doesn’t motive any nasty side results when you’re no longer the usage of the 3D glasses.

Virtual 3-D converter

This tool converts a general 2D video photo into a real, holographic-like 3-d projection – in actual time. You can now watch in reality all of your favorite TV indicates and carrying occasions, your entire collection of VHS and DVD films in 3-D. The set includes a converter and a special spectacles to view.

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