The Number One Killer of MacBooks, and How to Avoid It!

James departed the Apple Store with a slow shuffle, eyes fixed downward, and apparently… Glazed. He had just been informed that his MacBook Pro, purchased only weeks prior, had been devastated with the aid of a small mishap over dinner. “Not plenty greater than a tablespoon of wine…” – but pretty sufficient to render his three-thousand greenback funding totally nugatory! Sadly, Jim had recently paid more for the extended, three-yr guarantee – Apple Care! The phrases burned in his dazed attention, like a rejected lover… “SPILLS ARE NOT COVERED!”.


Jim is not on my own; spill damage is, arms down, the number one killer of MacBooks and different laptops – across the world. The piles of broken MacBooks in my save are largely there because of spill damage. The fragile circuits in these electronic electricity homes are literally revealed onto the boards with lasers, making them extraordinarily luxurious to supply and impossible to replace at an affordable price. The energy and era constructed into those special Machines make them fatally vulnerable to electric shorts introduced via water and/or liquid spills. If the MacBook Pro (and perhaps the Alienware) is the ‘SUPERMAN’ of the Laptop global, then beverages are their ‘KRYPTONITE’!

As a technician, and a refurbish-er of broken MacBooks, I even have seen liquid damage from just about every liquid beneath the solar, now not the least of which is… You guessed it… BEER! – And little wonder: Drinking and using do not mix – we all realize that. Just so, ingesting and ‘surfing’ are just as deadly to laptops. Coffee spills are only not unusual, as are a latte, water, juice, milk, and of direction – Water! MacBooks and bars DON’T MIX. MacBooks and ALCOHOL don’t mix. If you are meeting a few pals for a drink (or liquids?) after a piece of reading at the library, GO HOME FIRST! If you need to keep away from a damaged MacBook with spill harm (and different harm, as properly), don’t convey your pc to the bar. Leave it at home!

A prevalent exercise is to seize upon a few paintings or observe on the neighborhood latte joint. Interestingly, it is also a completely commonplace location for espresso spills. The tables are too small and unsteady, there are too many humans walking around, and it is a long way too crowded to make espresso homes a secure area in your MacBook. Worse, there’s coffee EVERYWHERE, on each desk, counter, and in each hand, in flimsy paper cups. A MacBook in a coffee house is a damaged MacBook waiting to manifest, even though the coffee has a fancy french call and is priced at $nine.00 per cup.

“Never, Ever, EVER Eat or Drink round computer systems.” This RULE WAS LAW in ALL COMPUTER LABS in the 1980s. There have been symptoms anywhere, and you can be kicked out of the lab exactly if this rule becomes violated. Computers had been notably steeply-priced back then, and the schools knew the tragic economic consequences of ‘snacking’ in the lab properly. Take this rule very seriously, and you may avoid a mountain of HEARTACHE! Never drink, eat (or snack) whilst running in your MacBook!

When eating, leave your MacBook home or in the vehicle – locked within the trunk of a route. Do no longer deliver a MacBook right into a lunchroom, eating place, eating region, kitchen, or ANY PLACE where Food and Drinks are being served. (Yes, this consists of the kitchen table – the NUMBER ONE LOCATION FOR SPILL DAMAGE, AND RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE BROKEN MacBooks THAN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD)

Armor sounds astounding, particularly when describing something as easy as a neoprene MacBook case. However, an amazing MacBook case can help keep away from the unavoidable – USE IT! MacBook baggage is the remaining defense of your MacBook – don’t leave home without one. At below $30 greenbacks, there is no reason not to own one and use one all the time.


If feasible, remove your battery even with the use of your MacBook along with your strength adapter. Warning: do no longer use this technique if you are working on vital projects or sensitive information, as a power loss will cause you to lose ALL YOUR UNSAVED WORK. However, if spill harm has arisen on a MacBook and not using a battery, there is an exceptional hazard that you could eliminate the power wire and thereby cut off all strength – in less than a second. There are few situations in existence wherein seconds count numbers so dramatically. You may properly shop your MacBook’s life!

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