The Power of Ruby for Mobile Software Development

The concept of cell devices getting access to the Web is the one that Ruby on Rails builders must keep in thoughts in recent times. Making your utility available and person-friendly for smartphones and pockets PCs will become a brilliant possibility to create an attractive product and gain an exceptional market proportion. Ruby on Rails, with its well-defined RESTful conventions, is a super backend for mobile programs. Mobile software developers can employ both mobile and Web technologies since it is reasonably smooth to leverage cell improvement SDKs and frameworks with experience in Ruby.

The Power of Ruby for Mobile Software Development 1

For a short and powerful begin, each Ruby builders and cellular application developers will want to familiarize themselves with gear for Ruby development and phone guide. In this newsletter, I tried to present a quick assessment of the most famous tools that help create Ruby apps for cell devices, inclusive of Rhodes for go-platform apps, Ruboto for Android, IronRuby for Windows Mobile, and MacRuby for Apple iOS.

Building go-platform mobile apps with Rhodes

The most Rails-like device that Ruby on Rails builders can use to build Ruby apps for all predominant mobile running structures is Rhodes. It is primarily based on Web technology and is aimed toward Web builders and mobile application builders that want to use their abilities in Ruby development to the cellular apps international. Rhodes is an open-source framework that permits constructing local yet move-platform apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Rhodes applications display the overall performance and richness of local apps, at the same time as allowing cell application developers to have the productiveness of Web interfaces in HTML.

The device additionally permits Ruby builders to create apps that use built-in smartphone features, consisting of geo-positioning records, the camera gets entry to, and personal statistics control. Ruby on Rails developers may have a brief start with Rhodes and will be able to get effective in a rely of days. Following the trend of getting access to the improvement surroundings inside the Cloud, the creators of Rhodes launched RhoHub, the following technology of Development-as-a-Service for mobile systems. RhoHub permits cellular software builders to build go-platform Ruby programs on-line without putting in SDKs for diverse smartphones regionally.

Ruboto: JRuby for Android

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The Android mobile platform had simplest supported Java up until recently. Now Ruby builders can also take advantage of it through using Ruboto, a development bundle for Android that lets in developing packages the usage of JRuby. Ruboto leverages the energy of JRuby to open up the Android API. Mobile software builders can edit, save, and run scripts on the cellphone; access Preferences, SQLite, Media, Phone State, Sensors, UI, and much extra.

Ruboto capabilities the utility technology command-line device, which is largely a Ruby application generator for Ruboto apps. Though now not completely useful to create complicated Ruby apps, this improvement package deal is excellent for checking out, prototyping, and debugging.

IronRuby for Windows Mobile

IronRuby brings Ruby natively to the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) that runs on top of.NET. IronRuby helps all of the capabilities of the Ruby language. It also presents for integration of Ruby code and.NET Framework. Iron Ruby lets in jogging Ruby on Rails development eventualities, inclusive of migrating a database, generating a model, and so on. Ruby developers can browse Rails documentation web page on the IronRuby Web web site to peer the numerous eventualities in motion.

The aggregate of IronRuby and the brand new Windows Phone 7 platform brings many opportunities to.NET Framework developers, mobile application developers, and to Ruby builders. You can assume that.NET developers will enjoy the incredible ability of the Ruby language and Ruby on Rails builders, in their turn, can write cellular packages for Window Mobile extra readily.


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Apple’s lift of restrictions on developing apps for iPhone the usage of languages different, than Objective-C, is a big soar forward for the cell development industry. Mobile software developers and Ruby developers interested in creating apps for iPhone should get familiar with MacRuby. It is a completely fledged Ruby environment that may be used to build and run your Ruby and Ruby on Rails packages. The current release passes 90% of total RubySpecs. Ruby training in MacRuby are in fact Objective-C lessons and Ruby items are in reality Objective-C gadgets. Since it is not yet viable to completely express the Ruby semantics with the Objective-C runtime, MacRuby’s team has nonetheless loads of paintings to do. While this work is in development, it’s for the purpose of MacRuby to permit the cellular application builders to create solutions with a purpose to no longer sacrifice the performance that allows you to enjoy the blessings of using Ruby.

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