Internet In The Service Of Mankind

Using the Internet may also ruin your religion – this is the belief of a study showing a speedy decline inside the wide variety of religious humans inside the U.S.A. On account that 1990 is correlated to the ever-developing wide variety of human beings’ use of the Internet.


Allen Downey, Professor of Computer Science at Franklin W. Olin College, answered this question. He analyzed facts amassed thru a famous social questionnaire which became gazing non secular attitudes inside the U.S.A. Because 1972. He concluded that several factors contributed to the truth that there may be a lowering number of Americans who keep in mind themselves spiritual, the most arguable if that’s the usage of the Internet. The conclusion changed that this was the right reason why the number of humans with nonsecular affiliations had decreased over the past two years.

The above paragraph is the beginning of an editorial posted on a news portal, which I was heavily amazed by. Allen Downey writes approximately religion as if it was a buying item, and the devoted were clients with holes in their wallets. Faith isn’t always a cold statistical quantity that can be analyzed through cold statistical questionnaires. As an alternative, the sacred domestic to the soul liberates folks who stray thru the darkish via divine mild. Faith resides in everyone who is unfastened in reality, and there’s no social questionnaire capable of peeking into the human soul. When Mr. Downey and others like him say that the Internet is in charge of the decreasing wide variety of folks who go to church buildings and different temples, he ought to take a better examine the scriptures because the Son of God teaches us that God is in every person that does precisely to others.

An appropriate character is the most significant temple of religion. I am asking this computer technology professor whether or not faith’s holy venture isn’t always the spreading of reality, humanity, and justice. And the Internet is precisely the vicinity that provides an opportunity to many humanists and accurate-will people to unfold the noble values that make us human in the first location. There could be no Google, Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, Amazon Kindle (an oasis to poets and writers), and several global liberty-propagating portals without the Internet. Allow me to show the validity of my claim thru a personal example. Thanks to the Internet, I have created my internet site containing a multitude of my articles, essays, poetry, in addition to books published at e-save, wherein I write approximately compassion, justice, humanity, ideas towards the greater truth, love, dreams, suffering, and sorrows (lest we forget that a tear has the equal taste and shade on the faces of every person, regardless of race, gender, or religion).

These are works – essays, poetry, plays, and novels – which embody all the one’s noble values that religion is feeding on. Those words also speak of greed, insensitivity, conceitedness, foxy, corruption, nepotism, and all of the sicknesses destroying the human soul and faith. Yes, those words won’t be “bestsellers”, but they had been written from the heart, for the hearts of all top-will humans. They’d in no way stand a risk to get published in seasoned-regime media managed through all styles of dictators and political castes or in “free” large media owned through magnates whom my works are unmasking.

I shall repeat my question to professor Downey: is the Internet killing faith in humans if it affords the liberty to point out greed, corruption, the slave trade, dictators, and different evils that dwell inside humanity? Life teaches us that the Internet does now not break faith! (Sadly, there are constantly unwell those who will misuse a noble aspect like the Internet for their dishonorable and deviant problems. However, the Internet isn’t accountable; as a substitute, it is vulnerable-spirited for those who use it.) One has the right to ask whether the Internet isn’t a thorn inside the facet of those who want to kill religion within human beings and shackle them in sadness, primitivism, and the darkness of lack of know-how.

Why don’t they say out loud, like Pope Francis did, that greed is destroying faith? Those who need to monopolize religion, as though it turned into a shopping object, need to recognize that no one has the proper to suitable faith, due to the fact everybody, as a free person, has the freedom to choose, and this is the most straightforward manner for trust to flourish within humans. If I claim that I am the finest of the various faithful, I might disavow Him because I, too, am combating the two shelves inside. No matter how mellifluously I persist with my religion, conceitedness often attracts me far from it and into the darkness. By admitting this to myself, I am getting towards religion.


Sadly, ethics isn’t always as preferred among human beings as it was, although we understand that it strengthens the human spirit, and a strong core makes us compassionate and aspect with those in want. The refusal to fight humans trafficking is akin to quietly assisting prostitution! Lust is just as evil as greed! Those who remedy their internal vacancy with futile desire are falling! “To love is to the area our happiness within the happiness of another.” (Leibniz). We have to understand that listing is an evil that doesn’t simply spoil the soul, but also the sacred project of authentic love, and that is why the sin of prostitution is booming (and infant prostitution is humanity’s last defeat). Weak-spirited humans (the customers), regardless of whether they may be rich or poor, are just as a good deal in charge as are people who visitors humans. Why? Because if no longer for the customers, there might be no prostitution!

Furthermore, now not siding with those in need is selfishness! Shrugging your shoulders in dejection and turning away from those who protest against disempowerment is comparable to betraying your dignity and your religion! Life teaches us that religion is a merciful mild, filling human beings with the hope for a higher the following day, and people who spread dejection fall, as they claim that every one institution (banks, organizations, politicians) are inside the fingers of grasping people and that there may be no wish for a higher tomorrow. There is a wish! Silence is a betrayal of 1’s freedom! Silence is not golden; it’s far rust ingesting away at the truth! There are excellent and terrible human beings, some of the bad and the rich alike. There are ethical banks that are not slaves to greed. Industrial banks are slaves to greed, laundering hundreds of billions of dirty cash owned by drug cartels, dictators, and political castes (just like the political caste in Croatia). There are ethical banks that diligently generate money for the more appropriate, while business banks, which obsessively gamble on Wall Street with their customers’ cash, lose the motive for which they had been founded with the aid of banking visionaries. Innovative people in business whose brilliant visions create value for greater accuracy and their humane faces are seen to the general public through their humanitarian donations.

There are political visionaries who do now not serve greed, however, combat for a higher destiny, growing humane legal guidelines to provide humans with opportunities to make their dreams come actually. Nevertheless, many extra dreamers dream of a higher future for anyone on the street of dreams than some dream of ruling the sector. As an unfastened character, each man or woman has a responsibility towards their own lives to base their acts on the sense of right and wrong. From the start of our lives, all of us have been fighting the two selves within. Good and evil are following us more intently than our shadows. A strong spirit is man’s exceptional best friend in the thick forest of temptation. Those who assume that having cash and threading throughout corpses can purchase happiness and religion are fooling themselves. Isn’t that what the Son of God is teaching us?

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