The Three Killer Small Biz Apps Coming in 2012

Charlie Sheen and the producers of Two And A Half Men, not able to disregard the riches of another season, will ultimately reconcile. The modern Pirates of the Caribbean movie will bomb. The Mets will now not make the playoffs. President Obama will win the Democratic primaries. I can pay greater in health insurance, now not much less. Check again and see if I’m right on those. I’m pretty confident.

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But not as assured as I am about a few trends on the way to affect my corporation and different small and medium-sized groups. In the subsequent two years, I expect that at the least three killer apps will emerge with the intention to have an enormous impact on us all. Are you ready for them?

I these days determined an incredible way to store cash. I do not bring coins. This way none of my teenage kids can dig into my wallet after I’m not round and walk away with ten dollar payments to fund their pizza fix. Instead, all they find are useless credit playing cards. Well, in a couple of years they won’t even be able to discover those. That’s because I’ll be doing all of it on my telephone. As will most of my customers.

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First a few information. Information Week says that 38% of small and medium-sized companies already rely upon cellular apps. American Express is running on a brand new e-wallet software. Microsoft, Apple, and Google are enforcing close to area communications (NFC) era for mobile bills in their next era of products. As we communicate, Google is testing an Android payment gadget in New York and San Francisco. PayPal is teaming with innovative corporations like Blingnation to carry mobile bills to its customers.

Mobile payments are the subsequent killer app. How will all of its paintings? It’s not that complicated. Your patron’s credit data will be embedded in comfortable software on their telephone. You may have a wi-fi terminal linked in your cash sign in or stand on my own, as a way to talk with their smartphone the use of NFC technology, or something similar, to transmit data. Using the touch display screen or digicam at the cell device, the era may also incorporate fingerprint, eye experiment or some different kind of safety is important. Your patron waves her phone over the terminal. The transaction is recorded. A receipt receives mailed all around. The transaction hits your bank account and accounting software program without a greater human interaction.

Is your enterprise equipped for this? You definitely ought to be. Because soon, a customer’s going to walk to your door and ask to pay for a product the use of her smartphone. At first when you inform her which you don’t receive payments that manner she’ll understand. But after some time, when increasingly more of your competition and different businesses are taking smart telephone payments she will stop being so patient with you and take her enterprise elsewhere.

Will this price us more? What do you watch? Of route, it will! We’ll payloads for brand new phone scanners and join up for services and take in extra charges and charges. You realize that is going to happen. You recognize that the individuals who are surely going to get wealthy off this are the companies I referred to above. But it might not forestall us. Because we are going to need to offer this capability to our customers for you to live aggressively. It may even pressure more enterprise our way. And keep a bit time in processing too. We’ll see.

Killer App #2: Lockers

Last week Amazon announced that it would be providing as much as 20GB of storage to its customers for whatever they need – music, motion pictures, ebooks, and many others. They call it a “cloud locker.” One component’s for positive – this locker will scent plenty better than my health club locker. And say what you want about Amazon, however, those men not simplest spot developments properly in advance, in addition, they begin traits in their personal. I by no means thought people would pass for ebooks once they have been first delivered. Now I see that Amazon’s offered around eight million Kindles in 2010. Shows how much I realize.

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But I do recognize this: storage space is cheap. And finding new clients is costly. So we’re always searching out approaches to keep our customers close to us. And what higher manner to maintain them near than to provide them “lockers” to shop their stuff? It makes it easier for them to keep coming lower back to us to shop for new products. That Jeff Bezos is a clever dude. And the fact that he’s bald makes me like him that much more.

Call it something you want to call it, but I trust that many smart commercial enterprise humans will start presenting some kind of “lockers” to their customers in the coming years. Not only fortune or ebooks. But to save fees, estimates, invoices, orders, documentation, photographs, and so on. For example, when I sell a new software program application to a consumer, I might create for them a customized “locker” where they could go to download their trendy updates, manuals, schooling guides and all of our office work. It maintains them tied into my employer. And it’s an additional value-upload: clients may not fear approximately storing all of these items and can effortlessly get right of entry to it from our web site. And if I want to provide some extra products as incentives I can do that too. Each patron would have their personal space on our servers (or a few servers that I hire someplace) with their personal access.

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