Three Common Mobile App Performance Problems and How to Avoid Them

Let’s assume that software is a black field. For now, let’s forget about the question of its class (video games, business, training, lifestyle), as it’s now not without a doubt crucial at this factor. Moreover, permit’s assume our application is written natively for a given cell platform (e.G. IOS – Swift, Objective-C, Android – Java, Kotlin) with using the fine software program practices and challenge templates. I accept as true with that in case you’re considering software performance it’s needless to enter the info of go-platform solutions as e.G. Xamarin or hybrid ones the usage of HTML5. That’s despite the fact that, inside the case of a simple software program, we are able to assume that the efficiency of a solution based on Xamarin may be comparative to the native language.

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The first and probably the maximum has often forgotten thing issues the gadgets themselves. Depending at the platform and model to be had the software program, it’s useful to prepare a listing of devices on which the software program will, in the long run, be hooked up.

Those gadgets not most effective decide the user interface, however mainly how specific software layers will perform on older mobile devices. These can consist of gadgets with worse units (weaker processor, much less RAM). You should additionally bear in mind the supply of the gadgets, mainly the one’s older ones. Most regularly, programmers use simulators, additionally one or cell gadgets. This ought to be a warning sign for testers to start their tests with the oldest gadgets. Negligence can lead to the pricey rewriting of functionalities which function incorrectly on specific devices because of performance reasons. In any case, this does not justify the programmers, who regularly replica the incorrect venture templates out of laziness, and start the programs most effective at the most up-to-date gadgets – ones that address processing complex operations with none troubles. In such instances, we commonly learn about performance-related inconveniencies from the final consumer.


Another factor accommodates networking and, mainly, when and the way regularly the application makes use of the Internet connection. The most frequent errors immediately affecting overall performance result from the app asking the server for facts too frequently, or an awful structure of storing the information in a cache. Here, the first-rate answer turns out to be planning to produce statistics well, every time its miles important and caching server answers.

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Data-generating operations have to be performed asynchronously – with the aid of no longer blockading the principal thread, that is chargeable for rendering the consumer interface. While downloading pics, one ought to do not forget things: to keep them at the tough disk and about proper compression.

Moreover, it is also really worth making sure that the software operates well offline, except it’s now not required within the specification blanketed inside the documentation. From my experience, problems on occasion arise because of a loss of specific records that the application is to operate oï¬ï¿½ine. Sometimes, re-growing an already complex application may be very risky, as this may generate extra errors (that are tough to remedy). I assume that this trouble worries developing the layer of verbal exchange with the server in the enterprise more so than in games, which, as may be assumed, have to perform oï¬ï¿½ine. By ‘offline’ I additionally suggest a negative Internet connection, including 3G or EDGE, which isn’t one hundred% sufficient.

We have to additionally do not forget the effectiveness of the server’s communicative layer. It’s especially critical when our software generates excessive visitors of questions regarding the server element. The hassle can be similarly complicated due to e.G. Audio or video streaming. Unfortunately, in this situation, we do not continually have a direct impact via ongoing improvement. Nevertheless, I think it’s right to have this in thoughts as properly.

Third parties

The 0.33 point involves using libraries of external businesses. This has become very famous currently. Anyone who is dealt with a big assignment that involved libraries which weren’t updated on an ongoing foundation (specifically the open source ones!) will recognize what I am speaking to me approximately. They facilitate the development procedure and boost up it, especially if they’re complex. They offer functionalities that would usually take loads of time to be written by a programmer from scratch.

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The development itself can be supported with additional devices. These can enable right tracking – of the performance of the application, occurrences of breakdowns and an app’s sudden final, or extra logging of software’s occasions. Such gadgets encompass e.G.: Fabric, Crashlytics, Flurry, HockeyApp, AppDynamics, New Relic. They must be introduced and used from the start of the mission.

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