Traditional Businesses on the Internet

Have you ever the concept of putting your commercial enterprise on the Internet, however virtually not recognized where to begin or you are no longer positive whether or not the Internet is genuinely meant on your business?

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Most of the time we see the big Internet companies like Google, Amazon, and Yahoo! Or the massive companies like Microsoft, Airline businesses and banks being successful at the Net. On the other hand, you discover a person with a superb concept who slaps an internet site collectively and makes a massive success with very little attempt sincerely because they had the right concept and acted on that concept. Of route, there are also folks who recognize a good idea, jumps at the bandwagon and stocks in that success.

Most actually! Other than an area to percentage facts, the Internet is intended to be a marketplace where we are able to locate things that upload fee to our lives. If your local community reveals fee for your product or service, then the relaxation of the world need to add. And even in case your product or service can not be made to be had to the rest of the sector, which is tough to agree with, the Internet might be used clearly to make your product extra appealing on your local network.

The first is Sizanani.Com, an Internet logistics agency that is noticeably a success in South Africa. They do now not depend upon their website to bring in new clients and yet the website is the center of their commercial enterprise. To my know-how, Sizanani is the most important logistics buying and selling region in the Southern hemisphere. They have more than two hundred customers and greater than four hundred transporters (who are certainly additionally customers of Sizanani) doing huge amounts of enterprise on the Sizanani.Com website every day. Yet, whilst you have a look at their homepage, you would now not agree with that there are hundreds or probably thousands of transactions processed on that web page each day.

In my opinion, the secret of Sizanani’s fulfillment is not in their outstanding Internet advertising capabilities, but alternatively lies in a idea frequently forgotten at the Internet – Human Interaction. Every customer, which include the transporters, has physically met a consultant of Sizanani. When a patron needs assistance with the Sizanani system, they do not send an email to a few faceless electronic mails cope with or fill in a meaningless form at the internet site. Instead, they pick up the cellphone and speak at once to a person they realize at the business enterprise. In different words, that is a real-existence, old skool corporation doing conventional commercial enterprise as we knew it earlier than the Internet. The handiest distinction is that they may be the use of the Internet as a feasible and handy medium for handing over their provider to their clients.

The 2nd instance is Qushum.Co.Za. This is a fairly new internet site and is not nearly in the same category as Sizanani. However, it’s miles once more an instance of a business successfully the usage of the Internet to supply their service to their customers.

Quorum is a consulting employer that facilitates their clients to acquire ISO 9000 accreditation and hold that status. By setting their service at the Internet, they are not presenting some remarkable option to their customers which has in no way been viable earlier than, but the Internet is absolutely making the carrier extra available to their clients and consequently making the patron’s every day existence greater convenient. Also, with the aid of placing their commercial enterprise on the Internet, they have got taken plenty of mundane duties out of their own fingers, which permits them to spend their time extra successfully on growing their enterprise.

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These are handiest examples of conventional enterprise being conducted successfully over the Internet. I am certain there are hundreds of thousands of different such examples, however I actually desired to reveal you that the Internet may be used as an powerful medium for traditional commercial enterprise. In both cases, they’re now not setting their religion in specialized Internet advertising strategies or using SEO professionals or any of those concepts that commonly scare old-fashioned enterprise owners away from the Internet. They are simply the usage of the Internet in a style that adds price to their agencies. Isn’t that the entire idea?

If your technique a web layout employer and ask them to “put your business on the Internet”, they’ll most probably promote you a whole restructure of your commercial enterprise with online payment and product catalogs and something else is going with an online enterprise. Not because they’re always seeking to make a short greenback out of you, however genuinely because that is what the majority think they want from the Internet.

My advice to you is this: Before you approach all of us approximately designing a website for you, determine what it’s miles you need. How can the Internet add price to my present clients? Think of the two examples above and try to use that method on your own commercial enterprise. If you may find a solution to that query, then, with the aid of default, you will have a solution on the way to add cost to new customers as nicely and your business will sell itself on the Internet.

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