Using Life Insurance in Business Succession Planning

Life insurance can play a crucial role in an enterprise succession plan. Following are some of the common approaches wherein existence coverage can be integrated with a number of gear, strategies, and strategies commonly utilized in business succession making plans.

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Some commercial enterprise owners will wait until death to transfer all or most of their commercial enterprise pastimes to 1 or more in their kids. If the enterprise proprietor has a taxable estate, lifestyles coverage can offer the youngsters receiving the business the coins essential for them to pay estate taxes. Using lifestyles insurance (owned by means of an irrevocable consider) to pay property taxes is especially useful to business owners due to the fact commercial enterprise pastimes can’t be easily liquidated. Life insurance is also a miles less difficult (and much less pricey) opportunity to deferring property taxes under IRC Section 6166. The children receiving the enterprise may also want life coverage to pay property taxes at their deaths. Typically, the coverage will be owned by using an irrevocable existence coverage trust in order that the beneficiaries will get hold of the death proceeds both earnings and property-tax unfastened.

A business owner can use life coverage to provide those kids who aren’t worried about the commercial enterprise with equitable treatment. Leaving the business to the active youngsters and lifestyles coverage (owned via an irrevocable trust) to the inactive youngsters equalizes the inheritances amongst all of the kids. It also avoids the want for the lively children to purchase the pursuits of the inactive kids – perhaps at a time when the commercial enterprise may be not able to come up with the money for it. Depending at the precise facts and circumstances, the coverage can be owned by means of an irrevocable believe for the benefit of the inactive children, and the insured(s) may be the enterprise proprietor or the enterprise owner and his partner.

Buy-Sell Agreements. A nicely designed purchase-promote settlement can guarantee a market and honest charge for a deceased, disabled or taking flight owner’s business interest; ensure manipulate over the commercial enterprise with the aid of the surviving or last owners, and set the cost of the enterprise hobby for property-tax purposes. Life coverage is the first-rate manner to offer the cash important for the commercial enterprise or the surviving proprietors to buy a deceased owner’s hobby. In many instances, the coins give up value in a life coverage can also be used tax lose (through surrendering to the foundation and borrowing the excess) to assist pay for a lifetime buy of a business owner’s interest.

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Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans. A nonqualified deferred compensation (“NQDC”) plan may be utilized by a small enterprise to offer participants of the senior technology with loss of life, incapacity, and/or retirement blessings. An NQDC plan can be mainly beneficial in those conditions in which the senior members have transitioned the commercial enterprise to the junior participants and are now not receiving any reimbursement from the enterprise. An NQDC plan is also useful to make sure that key personnel remains with the enterprise all through the transition period – a so-known as a golden handcuff. Because lifestyles coverage gives tax-deferred cash fee growth and tax-loose demise benefits, it’s far the most popular car for “informally” funding NQDC plan liabilities.

Section 303 Redemptions. IRC Section 303 allows a property a one-time opportunity to remove cash from an enterprise (equal to the amount of estate taxes and administrative expenses), at very little tax price, via a partial redemption of inventory. To make sure that the organization has sufficient price range with which to accomplish the Section 303 redemption, the employer should purchase an existence insurance policy on the shareholder’s life.

Life insurance can also be used to provide a “hedge” against the enterprise proprietor’s premature death in connection with a grantor retained annuity trust. For instance, if the commercial enterprise owner installed a GRAT and died before the end of the set time period, the live coverage will be used to pay the estate taxes on the GRAT property that might be protected in the business proprietor’s property. In addition, if a sale with a personal annuity is used, lifestyles coverage ought to offer a price range for the commercial enterprise owner’s spouse (and/or other own family individuals) because the annuity payments could terminate on the commercial enterprise owner’s dying. Similarly, existence coverage could offer finances for the business owner’s partner and different own family participants ought to the business owner die prematurely after the use of a self-canceling installment note to promote the business interest. In all of these conditions, it’s far beneficial to have the existence insurance owned via an irrevocable consider so that the coverage proceeds will break out estate taxes.

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When the decision is made to depart the business to each energetic and inactive kids, it is also beneficial to depart the active kids with balloting pastimes and the inactive kids with nonvoting pursuits within the commercial enterprise. In addition, placed and call alternatives can be given. Generally, a placed choice given to the inactive children lets in them to require the active youngsters (or the enterprise itself) to purchase all or an element in their hobby within the commercial enterprise at a fixed price and terms. Without a placed option, there can be no realistic way for an inactive infant to benefit from proudly owning the commercial enterprise hobby until and till the commercial enterprise is bought. Conversely, a call choice given to the lively children (or the enterprise itself) permits them to purchase the business pursuits of the inactive kids upon a hard and fast fee and phrases. Without a call option, there can be no effective way for the lively youngsters to avoid the potential conflicts which could occur between the active children who are receiving salaries and bonuses, and the inactive kids who aren’t. By having the energetic kids own lifestyles insurance on the business proprietor’s life, a “financial institution” is created to offer the finances to satisfy one of these places and calls. Typically, the coverage may be owned out of doors of the commercial enterprise entity, such as in a agree with for the gain of the lively kids or by a limited legal responsibility organization owned via the active kids.

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