Using Social Media to Accelerate Customer Service Response

Social media has given humans (individuals, agencies, and brands) unique possibilities to talk without difficulty and fast with each different. It has turned customer service from simply being an entity of aid to being a more substantial extension of the advertising marketing campaign of businesses these days. One crucial thing that social media and customer support have continually had in common is that their fulfillment is all approximately relationships. Companies can construct relationships with their clients via their customer support departments using social media to gather helpful feedback from the people who use their services and products. They can then take those comments to improve and beautify their services quickly and correctly. In the cease, all and sundry are glad.

Customer Service is no longer enough.

Customer Service Response

Traditional Customer Service departments that characteristic best with humans (without a generation behind them) are not sufficient to hold the clients glad all of the time. Engaging clients has risen to this sort of excessive level that the human part of the formulation, although important, needs to be accompanied through a powerful tool that may provide the assistance clients want. At the same time, the people in Customer Service departments fail to give satisfaction.

Many of the larger groups today, including Verizon, Comcast, AT&T, and Dell, are paying near interest to what is being communicated about them through social media channels and Twitter and Facebook. You, as a client, should take advantage of this to attempt to clear up your problems with customer service in a quicker and extra efficient manner.

I have had the following enjoy lately:

I had been a patron of Web.Com since the nineties. My dynamic website and blog depend upon a database that they may be website hosting and keeping. Every few months, my database became unavailable for a few hours and now and then, even for a whole day. In the closing month, this has become a day-by-day prevalence, to the factor that my website and blog have been completely unavailable. Considering that we put up blog articles in 3 instances every week and get approximately 6,000 unique visitors a month, having an unavailable database is a severe interruption of provider that also triggered us to lose potential customers.

For the remaining month, I contacted Web.Com technical support a few times every week for this trouble (and opened several tickets). Each time, I got a different man or woman from a foreign place (commonly from India). They informed me that they had been aware of the difficulty and that it’d be resolved within 24 hours. Usually, the following day I might get a hold of an Email telling me that the ticket has been resolved and closed. Nothing has been constant, and the unavailability of my database and blog has been turning increasingly frequent.

The first few times, the overseas technical aid individual told me, “I am sorry.” In the subsequent calls, they informed me, “I am very sorry.” Later on, they instructed me, “I am definitely, genuinely sorry.” Being sorry does not clear up enterprise problems. After a month of going through their “genuinely, certainly sorry” excuses, I insisted on speaking with a manager and turned into told that I could be transferred to the supervisor while, in truth, they hung up on me. I called once more, and this time I insisted on being transferred to a technical guide individual in the United States.

They hung up on me again! I referred to as again and again, each time asking to speak with a person within the United States. I become sooner or later related to technical assistance in Florida. This time, I explained the scenario to the technical assist individual and threatened that I might publicly put up my experience on every feasible channel on the Internet. The technical guide had another person join our name and promised that they could switch me to another database server and that the move might remedy my trouble. The next day, I received an email stating that the price ticket had been resolved and closed while my website turned down, and there had been no symptoms that they’d genuinely moved the database.

Now turned into the time to make accurate on my promise to broadcast my experience over the Internet. First, I went to the Web.Com Facebook page, and I posted a message “Web.Com Customer Service is terrible.” I followed that message with an excerpt from their email that said they’d escalated my case and that it would be resolved shortly. I then posted a declaration that they did not clear up anything. Within a couple of minutes of my posting on the Web.Com Facebook web page, they spoke back to me, soliciting my area and saying they would strengthen the case. Hours went by using, and still, nothing took place.

Customer Service Response

Next, I went on LinkedIn and searched for executives working at Web.Com. I despatched a LinkedIn InMail to Web.Com’s VP of Technology, asking for his assistance. He replied to me, telling me that he might forward my case to the best crew. I acquired a call from Web.Com’s Executive Response Team Escalation (White Glove support). They advised me that they could start to work on my case proper away. The subsequent day, they called me and instructed me that this time they could flow me to any other database server for actual. The man or woman worked with me through a few following cellphone calls to confirm that my information was well sponsored up and reconfigured for the new server. After several more excellent hours, I was subsequently in a robust database.


The Customer Service troubles which you face as a commercial enterprise proprietor are not any special now than they ever have been; however, the massive difference is that now you’ve got powerful technological tools that allow you to, because the patron, to get what you want in a timely and efficient manner, while, you had no recourse however to wait patiently earlier than the arrival of social media. Businesses want to concentrate on what their customers want and how they need to specify what they want. Customers have to usually be made to experience as even though they’re counted the most.

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