Using Technology to Teach

Technology has constantly been a fascination of mine. Not so much the nuts and bolts of it, or the way it works. What’s extra thrilling to me is how we use it. How we apply it to our normal lives. How it could give us new and higher methods of doing things. A single invention can alternate the direction of records, on occasion yielding nice results – different times no longer. We regularly don’t know where in that new invention goes to take us. We can not constantly see into the destiny and correctly expect how a selected technology will ultimately affect our society.

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Technology has actually been affecting the way we teach. As a homeschooler, I’ve been integrating it more and more into my own family’s each day studies because it offers convenient get admission to heaps of unfastened or low-fee assets proper in my domestic.

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did before the Internet. I think about how I discovered in elementary school (within the 1970s), while we have taken into consideration it an actual treat whilst the instructor confirmed us a movie strip (bear in mind the “beeps” signaling to turn to the subsequent frame?); or while, on rare activities, the instructor would roll into the classroom a commercial searching TV on a clunky stand so we could watch something on channel 13 (my neighborhood PBS station).

Today, I can pull up statistics on whatever my 4 kids are analyzing or show up to be interested in that day: my 5-year antique is drawing a picture of a hot air balloon and wants to understand how they fly, and specifically, “How do you steer it?” My 8-yr vintage is studying about the Erie Canal and desires to recognize how the locks paintings. There are any variety of things we are searching up on any given day. We still like to visit the library, however, we cannot continually get there, so it is incredible to be able to tug up the records right now, once I need it.

To present statistics to my kids, I’ve additionally been making some use of online virtual textbooks. My children like the mixture of textual content, visuals, audio and “interactive” capabilities, like clickable maps and diagrams, or pop-up windows displaying definitions of words. They tell me they’d like them even greater if the textbooks were to be had to download to a Kindle or Nook, but we have not gotten one of those yet. (I assume digital textbooks should work especially nicely for families on the street). Some of the digital textbooks have study aids integrated into them, like chapter summaries, and games and flashcards to assist remember matters. An on-line textual content my daughter became the use of for western civilization had quizzes she may want to take that have been graded by means of the website online after which despatched to me thru email.

Using Technology to Teach 1

My daughter took an online advertising magnificence via the community college. She wasn’t vintage enough to physically attend, so she did it via distance gaining knowledge of. Nice option. I recognize people love to mention it is an inferior way to research because of the shortage of lecture room interplay. But her professor did comprise a communications element by way of requiring students to speak about questions and comment on every other’s paintings in an internet forum. She also needed to create and post a PowerPoint presentation.

Demonstrate Learning and Collaborate

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Which ends in some other way in which generation is getting used to interacting with college students. They are using it to demonstrate what they have got found out, and to paintings collaboratively, together with from a distance. For instance, I stay with more than one opinionated younger young adults that want to spout off on all way of things. So I allow them to this in blog posts. (Who’s to mention the put up can’t be a five-paragraph contrast/evaluation essay, or a crucial ebook evaluate, or a few different types of composition or article I assign). In the method, they’re learning the writing craft and, on the equal time, maybe something about web design. Squidoo’s a laugh platform for this. Sites like LetterPop let you work with a number of college students to create something online together, like a newsletter or paintings of fiction. For extra of a virtual storytelling approach, Glogster lets college students display what they recognize the usage of multimedia factors, like video, audio, sound, and animation. This will be a notable help to children who’re extra visual inexperienced persons. It positive is a protracted way from the antique shoebox dioramas a number of us dad and mom made in school.

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