Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack Review

If you’re one who is constantly on the pass and depending on an expansion of techno-gadgets to preserve your lifestyles jogging easily, then these backpacks are for you. Voltaic solar backpacks rate without a doubt any and every handheld digital tool. These solar luggage are geared up with a removable battery percent so that you can keep any surplus strength generated, providing you with electricity whenever you need it, not simply while below the blazing warm solar.

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How The Voltaic Solar Backpack System Works:

Powerful Solar Panels: Embedded in each bag are difficult, lightweight, water-resistant sun panels. These panels use excessive-performance mono-crystalline cells to quickly fee devices. The Backpack, Converter and Messenger produce four Watts. This equates to: One hour in the sun powering three hours of iPod play time, or 1.5 hours of “talk time” on a cell cellphone. Many of the less expensive merchandise have a good deal smaller panels and need five-10 hours in full sun earlier than you can fee your cellphone... Communicate approximately “call-waiting”! The rate from the Voltaic battery is awesome and fees up your hand-helds at nearly the equal fee as if they have been plugged in to an AC wall socket.

The sun panels at the rear of the bag transfer the power, captured from the sun, to all of your techno-toys that are plugged in. This permits you to revel in them without draining the battery, with the bonus of being charged while in use. When no longer plugged inside the solar backpack shops the power it captures in an internal battery, enabling you to charge your techno-gadgets even when it is cloudy, or at night time.

There is an available little indicator light on top of the backpack that glows purple to show electrical interest. As for Voltaic’s sun cellular’s, they sense pretty flexible and permit for natural movement whilst sporting the backpack, now not almost as stiff or inflexible as they may seem. Voltaic additionally boasts that its sun components are able to withstand bending and heavy hundreds, at the same time as on the identical time resisting tears from sharp items. The cells are supposed to final 25 years and need to additionally “self-heal” within the sun. They are very durable and may take a number of “heat” (pun intended), and Voltaic says the bag will preserve to feature even though one of the panels is destroyed, even though evidently, at a lower efficiency. If you do control, by hook or by crook, to damage or possibly lose one, each 4-ounce mobile may be changed for $30.


The Voltaic Solar Backpack is roomy, tucking away its wires inside pockets. Your headphone cords run through a shoulder strap, forget admission to an MP3 player or phone which then suits inside its very own velcro-close shoulder pouch. The bag also gives an array of zippered wallet, which includes meshing ones, in addition to imparting room for a water bladder, a need while used for trekking. Although no longer water-resistant, the recycled nylon material should resist rain, as long as it’s far zipped close to guard the electrical innards. The Voltaic sun backpack offers more internal space than other competing solar packs, particularly the Juice Bag from Reware: 1,850 cubic inches versus 1,255 cubic inches.

With those sun baggage, Voltaic Systems is aiming to, and for the most component succeeding of their efforts to, create a “inexperienced” product from the inner out. Voltaic Systems is a small business that touts ecological sustainability via renewable strength and recycled materials. The Taiwan based factory that spins the luggage’ PET fabric from recycled plastic soda bottles, additionally elements material to Nike. Recycled PET cloth is mid-weight, extremely long lasting, UV and water-resistant, or even appears higher than the nylon it replaces. Most notably, it makes use of considerably much less energy to supply and creates demand for recycled fabric. You also may not be pissed off by using wasteful, difficult-to-crack packaging because recycled paper makes up each the backpack’s shipping box and adapter box.

The Bottom Line:


This backpack is very easy too use and best in case you’re continually at the hop. For something so transportable and solar, it gives a beneficiant choice of adapters. It has a most output of 10v straight from the panels themselves. It is ready with a battery that has a most output of seven.2v, that’s able to effortlessly rate maximum small electronics. Being crafted from recycled plastic, it is very green and holds its personnel within the rain as nicely. And don’t fear approximately the solar panels… They’re pretty difficult and can face up to a few rugged treatment. The Voltaic Solar Backpack is quite recommended for all people continuously at the go, who needs their techno-toys usually juiced with the intention to stay relaxed! It in reality will pay for itself.

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