Weatherbug – Android App Review

When you first set up WeatherBug, the first issue you may be aware of is that the loose model is supported via ads. Using my “Sherlock Holmes” detective talents and a compass from a cereal field, I even have deduced that there must be a paid version of the app that gets rid of these. Sure sufficient, after long nights and collecting statements from random passerby’s, I even have shown (by searching at the Android Market for approximately 30 seconds) that there is indeed a paid, advert-loose version. More on that later.

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The app’s layout is quite easy, and it really works nicely that way. When you open WeatherBug, you right away get the modern temperature, wind pace, and course, as well as a brief term forecast. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see some icons. Each of those icons will provide you with some extra element as to what’s going on around you; But we are talking climate right here, not which bars have the quality satisfied hour.

The 2d icon from the left shows the 7-day forecast, which by swiping to the facet of the screen, will damage that forecast down into different parts of the day. By swiping again, the forecast is damaged down even further into an hourly forecast.

The next icon to the proper will display a map on which you could allow layers. This one is without problems my favored and most used display screen. Here, you may display cutting-edge radar, satellite, and temperatures. While being capable of seeing these is best, one major function of the “Elite” model is the capacity to watch “moving” radar. Simply positioned, you could view the radar in motion, that’s quite accessible if you have a hurricane nearby. The quality component about this selection is that the map is furnished by Google, that means you are basically looking at Google Maps with climate radar. That’s highly nice if you are on an avenue ride and need to peer if you’re heading for a hurricane.

As said in advance, the free version of WeatherBug is advert-supported. Some of you may no longer be bothered by using the ads, but individually, there is lots of information to be seen, and I don’t want it ruined by way of commercials. Also cited in advance, lively radar maps are a characteristic of the elite model. This changed into a ought to have for me due to the fact there are very few weather apps available that offer this option while giving so much extra statistics too. Also with the elite model are some pretty nice widgets. The elite widget (surely named that) is a radar map for your own home-screen, so if you want to see the radar at a look, you do not even should open the app. Besides, you are getting all of this for a whole two bucks. If you can’t spare bucks for a high-quality climate app, then what are you doing with a telephone?


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WeatherBug is quite without difficulty my weather app of preference. Being fair of a perfectionist, I have attempted nearly each weather app accessible; Even many paid ones. With splendid functions like lively maps (Elite), temperature overlays, indicators, pollen rely upon, precise forecasts and greater, this weather app sits atop the mountain while telling all the different apps what the climate is like.

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