What’s Next After Google Android And Apple iPhone?

Which wi-fi smartphone will rule? Five years ago, if we requested this query, we might have been kicking around networks names like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, or T-Mobile. We by no means surely thought a whole lot about handset makers. We might talk about strong brands like Nokia, Rim, or diverse different handset makers if we did. Today, however, the wi-fi marketplace seems absolutely exceptional. Let’s explore.


Today the leaders are organizations like Google with their Android or Apple with their iPhone. These aren’t even wi-fi groups. Today it’s all about clever phones as opposed to regular handsets. Who will win this new race we all at once locate ourselves on?

As an enterprise analyst during the last 25 years, I have discovered that the wireless and telecom enterprise absolutely modifications every few years. Let me give you an example—long distance. Ten years ago, AT&T, MCI, and Sprint were interrupting our dinner with telemarketing sales calls. Remember those? Today there may be no greater stand alongside the long-distance industry. A few years ago, Verizon acquired MCI, and SBC acquired AT&T and took their name. Poof, the industry changed.

Five years ago, even the wireless enterprise appeared specific. At that point, the phrase iPhone didn’t even exist—today, iPhone and Android rule the hastily growing and changing enterprise.

Will they maintain to lead this converting industry? Too early to tell, but I can say they won’t be by myself. When Apple jumped in, clients loved it and the notion that it changed into all they needed. However, when Google jumped in, they were a hit too. In reality, nowadays, they’re outselling Apple. Smartphone clients love one or the other. If this is the case, there’s plenty of room for the extra OS.

The clever cellphone marketplace is unexpectedly developing but is still younger, and there is still plenty of opportunity and gadgets to promote. Different clients have special needs and like exclusive operating structures. With that stated, there may be plenty of room.

Palm, for instance, got absolutely everyone excited with their new OS, but it hasn’t clearly moved the meter. RIM Blackberry these days introduced their new version. It was tons higher than the previous version. It will attract or maintain many current customers, and as long as it continues getting higher, it may also keep prevailing.

Nokia has its personal smart smartphone software called Symbian. Yes, even an everyday handset maker has a clever telephone running device. You didn’t recognize that? That is due to the fact their logo says regular handset, no longer clever telephone. They have absolutely been within the smart smartphone enterprise earlier than Apple and Google. They should replace their brand in addition to their technology. Keeping the brand updated is essential.

Motorola was given up for useless years ago. Their brand changed into just about long gone. However, it has finished a splendid revitalizing by operating with Google and developing its new Droid telephones sold on the Verizon Wireless network. They are doing well and at the moment are going to increase to different networks.

Microsoft is launching its new operating system known as Windows Phone 7. They have actually been in the clever phone zone for ten years, agree with it or no longer. Yes, they were struggling, looking to carve out a gap. They grew to approximately 10% marketplace proportion, then whilst Google and Apple did their issue a few years ago, Microsoft fell to five% market percentage.

What is that this new Microsoft OS like? That is the question. Will or not it be as precise as Apple and Google? Will, it’s close to RIM? Or will it battle like Palm? Early evaluations say it far jumps years ahead of the remaining model. That is good information. However, it may not be higher than different famous OS within the market.

It would help if you located the first-class operating machine to your needs. Get all of the functions you want and use. All OS aren’t created identical. Some have capabilities that others dont. It’s not all approximately setting tune on the handset.


Sometimes it’s about other treasured functions like the Memo Pad feature so you can convey the identical data on your phone as you convey in your Microsoft Outlook email application. Most don’t offer this. Some do, however, not properly. A few do it properly. If that is what you want, then your choice is less difficult than you watched. Just keep in mind devices that use that OS. See, it’s miles actually easy.

There are more OS in the marketplace today, all looking to come to be the next famous person. Who will lead to five years from today? Does it really count numbers? If you’re an investor, the solution is yes. However, if you are a purchaser, the answer is no.

Dont follow every person else due to the fact anybody has exceptional desires or desires. Learn what you need and what you desire and find the right OS for you. It takes time up the front. However, you’ll be satisfied you probably did. And don’t forget everyone is continually up to date, so what you use subsequent 12 months may be extraordinary than what you operate this 12 months. Wireless is unexpectedly converting, and you must preserve updated.

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