Wrist Pain Relief After Computer Mouse Use – Practical Solutions

The authentic computer mouse turned into now not invented lately through an ergonomics professional or a clinical professional commissioned to design a device for hundreds of thousands to use every day for long hours without inflicting fitness problems. It was invented in 1963 with the aid of Douglas Engelbart, an electrical engineer and laptop scientist who just wanted to control his laptop. Engelbart turned into interested by its immediate realistic utility and he did no longer recollect long-term health dangers. His device turned into now not tested for years to peer if ordinary use could motive transient repetitive pressure damage or even everlasting harm.

Unnatural position

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Although the scientist ought to have a concept it turned into a smart concept on the time, the human wrist became no longer designed for a computer mouse. Engelbart’s first bulky, awkward mouse become crude and wooden; many refined plastic variations had been created on account that then in the final fifty years. But they all have one commonplace denominator that’s a hassle: they basically require the hand or wrist to be twisted or turned into the equal fundamental position.

Standard pc mouse use forces the hand and wrist into positions which are unnatural. Operating a mouse is awkward and will become uncomfortable, due to the fact the wrist is becoming as much as 90 levels from its most secure natural resting role.

Is it therefore sudden that constantly forcing the wrist into such an unnatural role for hours every day at work can motive harm or harm? Mouse use, certainly, traces your wrists and, if it occurs frequently sufficient, reasons persistent ache–even after staying off a pc for a few days.

Switching sides

Several years ago I solved the trouble of wrist pain from regular mouse use by way of switching my mouse and mousepad to the other side of my keyboard. Instead of the use of my right hand to move the mouse, I gave it a rest; I used my left hand. I am no longer ambidextrous but tailored to the exchange without problems. After some weeks whilst the left wrist hurt, I switched returned to the proper. Alternating every few weeks like this labored pretty well for several months, however, it wasn’t an excellent lengthy-time period answer. In reality, it ruined each wrist in place of simply one!

Wrist rest

Wrist relaxation can offer a few remedies. It did help me, however, handiest after I used a pc for some hours an afternoon. Once I started using a computer all the time at paintings, it wasn’t excellent enough. Depending on how often you use a laptop, a wrist relaxation will be the right, reasonably-priced answer. Modern Mac customers are fortunate; the Apple keyboard may be very ergonomically properly designed. It has a completely low profile, so that you may not even want a wrist rest, despite the fact that in my opinion, I use six square coasters ( rows of 3) to elevate it just a little (5/16″).

New generation

Health publications from the authorities advise pc customers to keep away from repetitive strain damage by using proper posture, frequent breaks, and successfully conserving the mouse. But that isn’t always necessarily an option for very busy humans with annoying jobs. Technological advances have covered the wi-fi mouse which relieves users from wanting to apply a mousepad and an ergonomic mouse which lets in the hand to sit in a quite herbal, secure function. These were precious enhancements, but why ought to laptop users even ought to use a mouse? Isn’t there a less difficult, safer and higher way to control a laptop?

Mouse alternative

I offered a Wacom Tablet after studying a review on Amazon.Com in which one owner said it supplied relief for carpal tunnel syndrome. He said he used it for surfing the net. The tablet uses a pen rather than a mouse. If you don’t experience wrist pain while the use of a handwriting pen, you should not revel in any pain with the Wacom pen.

I actually have now used the Wacom pen for over a yr, and I’ve by no means felt an ache or discomfort, because the hand role in holding a pen may be very close to a natural resting position. It reasons very little strain. I have not thrown out my mouse however now I simplest use it very rarely, and after I do, it still causes discomfort.

There are numerous specific sorts of Wacom pens which are used generally by virtual artists and photo designers. One key distinction between them is thickness. I began with a thick pen which digital painters use but observed it too cumbersome, so I downsized to an ordinary pen, which is just a little larger than a Bic pen. I wish someone had informed me about it for many years in the past. I believe all new computers must be offered with pens in place of mice.


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The risk of repetitive strain injury from the use of a pen is tons lower than the usage of a computer mouse. The original pc mouse idea was conceived decades earlier than people started out using their computer systems each day at work and on the internet after work. Therefore there has been no records on carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive pressure accidents in the place of business. Now that we as a society have regularly for the reason that Nineteen Eighties been using computers and mice more and more often, and the facts have shown the damage, it’s time for every person to rethink computer mouse use. Just due to the fact almost absolutely everyone uses a mouse and it is cheap does no longer make it safe.

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