Six Android Watches That Make a Big Statement

Wearing a high great wristwatch in trendy present-day global is about a long way extra than actually having the ability to test the time. There are many approaches to peer what time it is; however, only a few style accessories show off your capacity to realize the exceptional fine and craftsmanship of a discipline that has developed over masses of years. The artwork of creating a wristwatch is like few other things in the global.


Yes, it’s miles something which can display off your innovative and fashionable aspect. But virtually producing a timepiece that may tick off the seconds meticulously, over and over, minute after minute, hour after hour, each day, is something else entirely. The minds in the back of Android watches honor the records of watchmaking at the same time as keeping their eyes firmly set on destiny. Here are six top-class examples of the top-notch offerings that Android has on the market nowadays.

Android Women’s Intercontinental Swiss Quartz Chronograph Leather Strap Watch

This is the proper look ahead to a complicated girl who also keeps a wholesome adventurous aspect. It might make an appearance flawlessly at domestic both in the office our at the same time as hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. The Intercontinental features a circular gold-tone stainless steel case that surrounds your desire for a green or gold-tone dial. Arabic numerals may be determined at 12:00, 4:00, and 8:00 while a date window rests above 6:00, and chronograph sub-dials sit at 2:00 and 10:00. This watch attaches effortlessly to your wrist utilizing a manner of a real leather-based black strap. Women everywhere in the international can admire the stoic sensibility of the Intercontinental.

Android Men’s Divemaster Enforcer 7750 Limited Edition Swiss Chronograph Automatic Bracelet Watch

Distinguished gentlemen can recognize the wonderful layout of this unforgettable watch. A silver-tone stainless steel case connects to a natural black unidirectional rotating bezel. The back of the case is see-through so that the wearer can appreciate the elaborate computerized movement. Automatic movement is a great advent in watch generation. A complicated collection of weights and levers, in reality, winds the watch, really based on the natural movement of your arm. That means you by no means need to wind this watch or replace the battery. The Enforcer is the epitome of clever sensibility and style.

Android Men’s Revolver forty-eight Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch

The revolver takes its call from the specific form of the case, which is modeled after a six-shooter’s ammunition drum. It is available in black, gunmetal, or silver tone. Even silver-tone index markers are placed at the strange hour positions that resemble the hints of loaded bullets. A crosshair marks the dial’s center, and Miyota 2035 quartz movement continues this watch ticking away. The very last interesting feature of this watch is the black leather-based strap, with 3 imitation silver-tone bullets strapped in on either facet. When you wear the Revolver, all and sundry will know you imply commercial enterprise.

Android Men’s Mystique Ceramic Skeleton Automatic Alligator Strap Watch

Automatic motion is extraordinary to strengthen an eye, but it’s also a disgrace to cover all that brilliant era under an opaque dial. The skeletonized dial of the Mystique genuinely gets rid of the mystery of mechanical motion by putting it on the show for all to see. The fashionable ceramic case is available in color options of the army, white, brown, or black, and it connects seamlessly with the real alligator leather-based strap. The Mystique is a dynamic look ahead to an outstanding guy.

Android Men’s Naval Swiss Quartz Chronograph Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Bring out your inner sailor with the modern-day offering from the Naval series. The spherical silver-tone case has geometrically positioned prongs placed around the metallic ring bezel to present the appearance of a ship’s wheel. The dial of this watch is available in either burgundy or crimson. It features gold-tone index markers at ordinary hour positions and Arabic numerals at the evens. A silver-tone chrome steel bracelet suits this watch securely on your wrist. Set sail with this watch from the Naval series.

Android Men’s Silverjet-2 Limited Edition Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch


This stable watch from Android is exquisite for sporting to a special occasion or a critical commercial enterprise meeting. You should buy it in a gold-tone, silver-tone or black case. The chrome steel bracelet will be in shape for that reason. Luminous index markers denote the hour positions around the case. One of the most interesting features of this watch is the cutout date wheel that revolves around and is visible through cutouts on either side of the watch. At 3:00, there is a red triangle and black container that imply the date.

The Silverjet-2 will do wonders to enhance your fashion profile. These are only a few of the dozens of dynamic styles that Android has to offer these days. Take the time to pick out the proper option on your look and character. The sky is the limit when you combine your assured character with the great craftsmanship of an Android watch.

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